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Welcome to my page, where you will find texts of mine, including some which have formerly appeared as articles in magazines. All these writings derive from my practice as a psychologist, both in clinical practice and in the field of psychosocial intervention.

I have always been interested in the apparently trivial fact that there were several ways to do the same thing. I began to study philosophy. I stumbled, by chance, upon Freud and changed careers. Perhaps here lies the key to my interest in multiple perspectives, but long before college I was excited by the possibility of combining different ways of doing whatever … soon discovering that it was very difficult to learn them all, ultimately impossible, some appealed to me more than others, the heart claimed its preferences.

In my day, the psychology college at the University of Buenos Aires seemed a factory for psychoanalysts. At least half of the subjects were psychoanalytically inspired, basically Freudian and Kleinian, though I was fortunate to attend the landing of Lacanism before graduating. I also enjoyed the other subjects: general psychology, phenomenology and existential psychology, the rise of cognitivism and the birth of systemic family therapy. I like to recall that with a few months difference I started reading voraciously Freud, Klein, Bion and Lacan on the one hand and Bateson, Watzlawick, Haley and Jackson on the other. I became involved both in debates on the transfer and the death drive and also on the labyrinth of pragmatic paradoxes. Over time I found Erickson, NLP, EMDR, etc.

The unified field of all this was psychotherapy. While I sometimes got lost in the nuances between direct and indirect aid, by extension, for or against suggestion, interpretation, intervention, etc, I guess I always had in mind that one had better not try to help anyone against himself, and that symptom was not just ailing but a mystery to the one who suffered it, and that the key to possible change was rooted more in the mystery than in the suffering itself, however painful it was.

At the same time I also attended the School of Social Psychology of Dr. Enrique Pichon Rivière, conceptual source of what was later to become my work in the psychosocial intervention field.

All this is discussed more extensively and in more detail in the texts you will find on this page. My greatest pleasure would be to suggest to you other ways to do what you already do, which of course will then be no longer the same.